The Program

Our teaching team has once again held a summer English course at St Stephen’s Church College Hong Kong. Growing strong, we have scaled up to a class size of 15.

Adopting the Neu Classroom methodology, groups of students, by rotation, interact with our teaching leader, others self-learned through the Neu Academy learning platform.

Going Mobile

For the first time, the Neu Classroom teaching team tried out the newly released Neu English mobile app, which is essentially the mobile version of the Neu Academy learning platform.

The Neu English mobile APP

With the mobile app, we will be able to conduct classes anywhere, provided there is a good WiFi connection.

Working closely with a small group through mobile apps

Students self-learning through our mobile app

Cross-grade? Not a problem!

The timetable was tight, but we wanted to help more students. Hence our teaching team came up with an idea, with mixed students of different grades housed in the same classroom.

The Neu Classroom methodology is highly flexible.

In our class, students of different grades with different learning goals and needs were assigned to suitable self-learned modules at different levels. All students get the required attention and their work records were maintained via system automation.

In the future, we hope to further scale up our class size and bring quality learning experience to more students in need.