Regarding Neu Academy class…

What is Neu Academy class?

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Why Neu Academy class?

Neu Academy class makes scalable and sustainable personalized education possible. Using this methodology:

  • The teacher can flexibly give more care and attention to the weaker ones;
  • The teacher interacts with students in small groups, thus promoting a closer working relationship;
  • Students enjoy a certain degree of freedom to choose what to learn and work on, in order to fulfill their learning goals;
  • Students can learn at their own pace;
  • Weaker students no longer have to show their weaknesses in front of the whole class or compare their progress with their more performing classmates;
  • Students in the same group have similar academic capabilities. This encourages them to participate more, without being afraid of making mistakes.

Neu Academy class has been tried and tested (see past events that we have hosted).

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If everything is automated, what role does the teacher play in Neu Academy class?

Record keeping is essentially a teacher’s role for comparisons to be made about a student’s performance. Automation in Neu Academy class hugely reduces the teachers’ workload.

Automation does not replace the teacher in Neu Academy class, nor is it supposed to. Time and again, our teaching team finds it easier to forge a closer bond with fellow students.

Free from the burden of marking a large proportion of students’ work, our teaching team can invest more time in designing fun learning activities that students can joyfully participate in after self-learning for some time.

Learn more about our approach and classes we have conducted.

Regarding Neu Academy app…

What is Neu Academy app?

Neu Academy is an online learning platform that consists of an ever-growing library of learning materials, innovative educational games, electronic learning activities and cloud-based class management tools.

Neu Academy motivates students by providing learning materials that suit their tastes and allows them to work at their own pace.

What’s so good about Neu Academy?

Through Neu Academy,

  • Students can choose the material that they like;
  • Students can learn at their own pace;
  • Students can choose the game, learning tool or activity that they like best to learn with;
  • Teachers can design custom learning materials and assign them to students;
  • Teachers can see students’ progress at a glance;
  • Teachers no longer have to mark students’ work, in particular those that have model answers; and
  • Parents can keep track of their children’s progress by looking at their learning records or comments given by teachers.

There are so much more that can be done with Neu Academy. Why don’t you check it out now?

You said “games”. Wouldn’t “games” distract students from their learning goals?

Game is only a communication medium, much like text, image and video and is interactive in nature. What really matters is the content - the learning material delivered by the game. From observation, students were more alert and remain better focused in an interactive language game.

Learning sometimes require repetition. And repetition is boring, unless it is done in a game.

Our games are short but fun. This encourages students to repeat again and again until he / she has obtained the highest possible score.

It is almost impossible to ask a student to repeat the same exercise that many times on paper.

So much so, we are just using the right medium for the right job at the right time.

Aren’t games for boys?

In reality, our games are loved by boys and girls alike. All children loves to play!