Neu Academy provides school-based English classes in Hong Kong. Our team adopt a new class methodology that utilizes Neu Academy apps in class. We aim at achieving sustainable and scalable personalized education by gamification and automation.


At the moment, while teachers in general acknowledge the uniqueness of each student, limited resources made it difficult for teachers to help students individually, especially the weaker ones, in a traditional classroom setting.

Does everyone follow?

It happens every day: students are being given up by the teacher because they cannot catch up, or they soon lose motivation to learn, simply because they do not feel capable to achieve.

We want to change this. Neu Academy apps enable students to fulfill learning targets set by us, or in consultation with school teachers, with the materials that capture their interest with which students can work at their own pace.

Gamification and Automation

Learning can be fun, and it is particularly important to be fun nowadays. Years back, we had little entertainment, it was easier for students to stay focused and learn effectively. Those days are gone forever, challenges lie ahead and we desperately need to change.

Entertainment everywhere... Challenge: For how long can you stay focused?

A motivated learner is driven by interest, leading to an effective learning process. By rewarding the learner for good behaviour / performance, the loop is completed, thus further enhancing his motivation.

The Benign Learning Cycle

Neu Academy is an online learning platform that does just that. It embodies a range of learning activities and materials of various topics that sparks off interest in our learners.

Upon completion of our activities, performance records are automatically saved and the learners are rewarded accordingly with virtual trophies, like in many computer games.

Virtual trophies

In our programs, we have come across many “perfectionist” students who are willing to repeat an exercise until obtaining all trophies.

The "Perfectionist"

Most of them are considered “non-performers” by the school. In fact, they are possibly learners who were not given a second chance, with a second thought, in a traditional classroom, to find the right answer.

What exactly is “Neu Academy”?

Neu Academy is an online learning platform that consists of an ever-growing library of learning materials, innovative educational games, electronic learning activities and cloud-based class management tools.

Neu Academy motivates students by providing learning materials that suit their tastes and allows them to work at their own pace.

Part of the material library

Automatically generated records showing students learning at their own pace

Neu Academy gives students the opportunity to practice listening and speaking, which the traditional English classroom teaching cannot possibly provide.

Listening practices in every exercise

Neu Academy is highly automated. Learning records are automatically kept and exercises marked. Students are automatically rewarded for their good performance.

Exercises automatically marked

Rewards: Stars (all claimed) and Diamonds (not yet claimed)

Neu Academy is getting more and more game-oriented, providing students with even more innovative and fun ways of learning.

Fun educational game

Over the years, we have fine-tuned the class methodology through learning programs that extensively utilize Neu Academy.

Our Approach

Neu Academy class utilizes the Neu Academy learning platform to deliver a personalized and fun learning experience.

The jist of Neu Classroom is to divide students into small groups and motivate students to self-learn on Neu Academy platform. The teaching leader will then conduct high quality activities with individual or small groups to maximize the effectiveness of the lesson.

Teaching in small groups

Neu Classroom is carried out in 5 steps:

  1. Pre-course Assessment
  2. Define Grouping and Goals
  3. Assign Self-learn Activities
  4. Assign Core Activities
  5. Post-course Assessment

Step I:Pre-course assessment

For demonstration purposes, we are using an English class of 10 learners, aged between 10 to 12, to explain our approach.

Before the class begins officially, the teacher assesses the capability of students through a universal assessment. Appended below is a sample finding of an assessment.

Two students can write simple English sentences and can communicate verbally with phrases.

Three students find it difficult to comprehend passages written in simple English. They can answer questions verbally in one word (e.g. Yes, No).

Four students have no knowledge on alphabet sounds, let alone counting in English.

One student is basically English-illiterate.

Step II: Grouping and Goals

We divide students into groups by similar capabilities and assign each group with an appropriate learning objective.

Group I

Learn the first 100 words in the Fry List
Learn to use complete sentences to answer all WH questions
Complete 6 featured self-learn modules

Group II

Learn the first 50 words on the Fry List
Learn to answer WH questions (except WHY questions) in short phrases
Complete 6 featured self-learn modules

Group III

Group IV

Learn alphabet sounds
Learn the nouns in the first 30 words on the Fry List
Learn to tell the time and count numbers in English
Complete 5 featured self-learn modules
Note:Dividing students into smaller groups makes management easier

Group V

Learn alphabet sounds
Learn to tell the time and count numbers in English
Complete 4 featured self-learn modules

Step III: Self-learn Activities

Part of the Neu Academy library, displaying only Level 2 materials

Each group proceeds to the Neu Academy library and choose learning materials of the appropriate level. Teaching leaders will help individual learners to look for suitable entry point from the levelled materials. The grouping serves as a general guideline.

Group I

Level: OR

Group II


Group III

Group IV

Group V


Step IV: Core Activities

All groups take turns to participate in the Core Activities. The activities are designed according to the capability of the students.

Round 1

Core Activity (Group V)

Listen to the alphabet song
Learn alphabet sounds


After the first round of Core Activity, Group V returns to the Neu Academy platform to self-learn while the teacher proceeds with the next group’s “Core Activity”.

Round 2

Core Activity (Group III)

Noun-picture matching


Round 3

Core Activity(Group I)

Look at pictures and write sentences
Look at pictures and write a story


Step V:Post-course assessment

The teaching leader assesses the students again to check if the students have achieved their respective learning goals. The result of the assessment can be used in the future to fine-tune learning modules and activities.

Comparing this model with traditional classroom learning,

  • The teaching leader can afford more attention to the weaker ones;
  • The teaching leader interacts with students in small groups, which promotes a closer working relationship;

Teaching in small groups
  • Students enjoy a certain degree of freedom to choose what to learn in order to fulfill their learning goals;
  • Students can learn at their own paces;
  • Weaker students no longer have to expose their weaknesses in front of the whole class or compare with their more performing classmates;
  • Students in the same group have similar levels, and would therefore feel more at ease working with each other;
  • Students are given a range of self-learned activities with lots of listening and speaking opportunities;
  • Accurate pronunciations are more easily cultivated since students can listen and practice speaking for as many times as he / she wishes.

Program Details

We may dispatch our teaching team to your school or organization to conduct English classes.

Equipment Required

To deliver our program at your campus or compound, we need either of the following:

  • For each student, one PC with headphones and microphones, with either FireFox or Chrome installed; OR
  • For each student, one tablet computer with appropriate earpieces and microphones and with the Neu Academy APP installed.

The Neu Academy mobile APP

Please feel free to contact us for more information in case you are unsure if your school or organization has the required equipment.


The cost depends mainly on the number of students and the duration of the course.

One set of computer (either PC or tablet) is required for each student. If your school or organization does not have enough sets, we may provide limited laptop computer or tablet sets at an additional cost.

Please contact us for more information.

Learning Material Development

At your request, we can develop learning materials that suit your students’ needs.

Simply give us an English passage (no longer than 1,000 words), or a video (no longer than 10 minutes) from the textbooks, from the news, a speech, or other sources (please specify) and we can start working.

It will take roughly 5 working days for us to publish the modules.

Once published, the copyright of the module lies with our team and is publicly available for all legitimate users under the user policy of the time.