Tang Ho Shing Wilson

Co-founder • Software Engineer • Mentor

I love technology ever since I was a child. I believe that technology can make our lives better. After graduating from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, I became a software engineer and later joined the Neu Academy project. This will be the platform where students can learn happily and effectively.

Wong Kwan Toh Felix

Co-founder • Educational Game Designer • Mentor

After graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013, I have been helping non-performing students at various schools and organizations. An observation worries me: it is getting more difficult for students to stay focus on learning.

This is nothing new, actually. In 2001, educator Marc Prensky from the USA said, “Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.”

Prensky coined the terms “digital immigrants” and “digital natives”. The new generation - the digital natives, are born with digital devices such as computers and mobile phones. They think and perceive the world in an entirely different way, which the old generation - the digital immigrants, feel uneasy with and hard to comprehend. The current educational system was designed to teach “digital immigrants”, not “digital natives”, appears to be a little antiquated.

It is a worldwide crisis that we are facing here. Entertainment is everywhere, literally at the tip of your fingers. A light wipe or touch is all it takes to unlock all the entertainment services in the world.

On the other hand, our most commonly used learning materials, stacks of worksheets and exercises (still printed in black and white and need to be marked by hand), are still non-interactive and not conveniently accessible.

Do we expect the new generation to fight the temptation with will power alone? Is it even practical? Can’t we do anything to help? Make learning fun and convenient - this is my ultimate goal.

Wong Yee Kuen Cecilia

Advisor on Teaching and Learning

Immediately after my graduation from the University of Hong Kong, I joined the civil service and worked at the department which looked after public examinations. My career exposure in education and training gives me the opportunity to better understand what motivation means.

Top scoring in examinations alone does not guarantee quality as a person. Most of the time, examinations and a fixed curriculum bury the brightest minds. The system ignores the “non performing” students - seeds which are buried and forgotten.

This is an alternative pathway to learn to provide chances to these buried seeds. When students are given the choice to work on topics they are interested in, without having to compare their achievement with the others, their self ignited motivation outshines their withdrawn attitude. Momentum of learning gradually builds up.

I hope the self learn mode provided by Neu classroom will enhance the growth of many more buried seeds.